Advanced Financial Models Michael Tehranchi

Michaelmas 2017

Mon, Wed, Fri at 10am in MR4

The official course description

Exam rubric

The Faculty Board requires Part III lecturers to announce the wording of the rubric for the exam. Here it is: Attempt no more than FOUR questions. There are SIX questions in total. The questions carry equal weight.

Lecture notes

The complete set of lecture notes.

Examples classes

I have booked two one-hour time slots for the revision class:

Please send me your questions from past exam papers, example sheets or the lecture notes to discuss.

Example sheets

Supplemental reading

Here is a (very incomplete) list of textbooks on financial mathematics. Nearly every topic in Advanced Financial Models is also discussed in at least one of these books.

Several of the books above (and the AFM lecture notes) contain introductions to stochastic calculus applied to finance. Those interested in learning more stochastic calculus and its applications to science, engineering, and other branches of mathematics are encouraged to attend the Stochastic Calculus Part III course in Lent term. Here are some classic books:

Finally, here are some books on probability theory at the level encountered in this course.

Interesting links

The probability seminar.

The finance workshop.

Advice for PhD applicants in financial mathematics in Cambridge.

Employment contacts

For those interested in employment in a bank or hedge fund, here is a list of people to contact.

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