Talk slides

    Quasi-stationary ROSts and the Continuous Cascades

    Thick Points of the Gaussian Free Field

    Illuminating the Uncovered Set of Random Walk

    Fluctuations and Contours of the Ginzburg-Landau Model on a Bounded Domain

    Universality for SLE(4)

    The Gaussian Free Field and CLE(4)

    Imaginary Geometry and the Gaussian Free Field

    Random Surfaces and Quantum Loewner Evolution

    Liouville Quantum Gravity as a Mating of Trees

    Liouville Qauntum Gravity and the Brownian Map

    CLE percolations

    Convergence of the SAW on random quadrangulations to SLE(8/3) on sqrt(8/3)-Liouville quantum gravity

    Convergence of percolations on random quadrangulations