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Estimation and prediction in sparse and unbalanced tables
Q Zhao, T Hastie, D Pregibon
Powerful genome-wide design and robust statistical inference in two-sample summary-data Mendelian randomization
Q Zhao, Y Chen, J Wang, DS Small
A Latent Mixture Model for Heterogeneous Causal Mechanisms in Mendelian Randomization
D Iong, Q Zhao, Y Chen
Sample-constrained partial identification with application to selection bias
M Tudball, R Hughes, K Tilling, J Bowden, Q Zhao
Optimal nonparametric testing of Missing Completely At Random, and its connections to compatibility
TB Berrett, RJ Samworth
Inference in high-dimensional online changepoint detection
Y Chen, T Wang, RJ Samworth
Posterior Representations for Bayesian Context Trees: Sampling, Estimation and Convergence
I Papageorgiou, I Kontoyiannis
Functional random effects modeling of brain shape and connectivity
E Lila, J Aston
– Annals of Applied Statistics

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