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A simple network of nodes moving on the circle
D Cheliotis, I Kontoyiannis, M Loulakis, S Toumpis
– Random Structures & Algorithms
Weighted self-avoiding walks
GR Grimmett, Z Li
– Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics
Nonasymptotic Gaussian Approximation for Inference With Stable Noise
M Riabiz, T Ardeshiri, I Kontoyiannis, S Godsill
– IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Mallows permutations as stable matchings
O Angel, AE Holroyd, T Hutchcroft, A Levy
– Canadian Journal of Mathematics
Log-Sobolev inequality for the continuum sine-Gordon model
R Bauerschmidt, T Bodineau
– Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
Goodness-of-fit testing in high dimensional generalized linear models
J Janková, RD Shah, P Bühlmann, RJ Samworth
– Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology)
Yang–Mills Measure and the Master Field on the Sphere
A Dahlqvist, JR Norris
– Communications in Mathematical Physics
Biomechanical insight of the stent-induced thrombosis following flow-diverting strategy in the management of complicated aortic aneurysms.
Y Zhang, Y Huang, Z Teng, J Cui, Q Lu, Z Jing
– International Angiology
Sharp Second-Order Pointwise Asymptotics for Lossless Compression with Side Information
L Gavalakis, I Kontoyiannis
– Entropy
Edge rigidity and universality of random regular graphs of intermediate degree
R Bauerschmidt, J Huang, A Knowles, HT Yau
– Geometric and Functional Analysis
Classification with imperfect training labels
TI Cannings, Y Fan, RJ Samworth
– Biometrika
Nonparametric statistical inference for drift vector fields of multi-dimensional diffusions
R Nickl, K Ray
– Annals of Statistics
Shielding from covid-19 should be stratified by risk
GD Smith, D Spiegelhalter
– The BMJ
Screening of healthcare workers for SARS-CoV-2 highlights the role of asymptomatic carriage in COVID-19 transmission.
L Rivett, S Sridhar, D Sparkes, M Routledge, NK Jones, S Forrest, J Young, J Pereira-Dias, WL Hamilton, M Ferris, ME Torok, L Meredith, CITIID-NIHR COVID-19 BioResource Collaboration, R Gupta, PA Lyons, M Toshner, B Warne, J Bartholdson Scott, C Cormie, H Gill, I Kean, M Maes, N Reynolds, M Wantoch, S Caddy, L Caller, T Feltwell, G Hall, M Hosmillo, C Houldcroft, A Jahun, F Khokhar, A Yakovleva, H Butcher, D Caputo, D Clapham-Riley, H Dolling, A Furlong, B Graves, EL Gresley, N Kingston, S Papadia, H Stark, KE Stirrups, J Webster, J Calder, J Harris, S Hewitt, J Kennet, A Meadows, R Rastall, CO Brien, J Price, C Publico, J Rowlands, V Ruffolo, H Tordesillas, K Brookes, L Canna, I Cruz, K Dempsey, A Elmer, N Escoffery, H Jones, C Ribeiro, C Saunders, A Wright, R Nyagumbo, A Roberts, A Bucke, S Hargreaves, D Johnson, A Narcorda, D Read, C Sparke, L Warboys, K Lagadu, L Mactavous, T Gould, T Raine, C Mather, N Ramenatte, A-L Vallier, M Kasanicki, P-J Eames, C McNicholas, L Thake, N Bartholomew, N Brown, S Parmar, H Zhang, A Bowring, G Martell, N Quinnell, J Wright, H Murphy, BJ Dunmore, E Legchenko, S Gräf, C Huang, J Hodgson, K Hunter, J Martin, F Mescia, C O'Donnell, L Pointon, J Shih, R Sutcliffe, T Tilly, Z Tong, C Treacy, J Wood, L Bergamaschi, A Betancourt, G Bowyer, A De Sa, M Epping, A Hinch, O Huhn, I Jarvis, D Lewis, J Marsden, S McCallum, F Nice, MD Curran, S Fuller, A Chaudhry, A Shaw, RJ Samworth, JR Bradley, G Dougan, KG Smith, PJ Lehner, NJ Matheson, G Wright, IG Goodfellow, S Baker, MP Weekes
– eLife
Risk perceptions of COVID-19 around the world
S Dryhurst, CR Schneider, J Kerr, ALJ Freeman, G Recchia, AM van der Bles, D Spiegelhalter, S van der Linden
– Journal of Risk Research
Heterogeneity of PSS is Increased in Plaques Leading to MACE: Insights From the PROSPECT Study
C Costopoulos, A Maehara, Y Huang, AJ Brown, JH Gillard, Z Teng, GW Stone, MR Bennett
– Journal of the American College of Cardiology
An almost sure KPZ relation for SLE and Brownian motion
E Gwynne, N Holden, J Miller
– The Annals of Probability
Conformal invariance of $\CLE_\kappa$ on the Riemann sphere for $\kappa \in (4,8)$
E Gwynne, J Miller, W Qian
– International Mathematics Research Notices
The effects of communicating uncertainty on public trust in facts and numbers
AM van der Bles, S van der Linden, ALJ Freeman, DJ Spiegelhalter
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Selecting and Ranking Individualized Treatment Rules With Unmeasured Confounding
B Zhang, J Weiss, DS Small, Q Zhao
– Journal of the American Statistical Association

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