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The Statistics Clinic


Testimonials from Our Clients

We are in the computer laboratory and do not have a person like is very difficult to find a solution when we hit the wall of the statistical problem...this clinic is great...30 minutes was a lot to us.

(Eiko, Computer Laboratory)



Tim was very good at trying to explain things to someone with limited statistical knowledge.

(Rhiannon, Department of Archaeology)



I've finished conducting my statistical analyses for my Master's project and I wanted to check that I was on the right track. I found the stats clinic to be immensely helpful. The clinic seemed to work very well and I am happy with the comprehensive advice I received. It was great that our discussion wasn't overly technical. Thanks!

(Becky, Department of Experimental Psychology)



Many thanks for running this clinic! I really appreciated the opportunity to get input into my data analysis plan and feel more confident moving forward with analysis.

(Meg, Department of Land Economy)



I was happy to have the insights offered by Richard into my statistical problems. His evaluation of my current solutions to these problems helped clarify their relative advantages and disadvantages.

(Radoslaw, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)



I am very grateful to who respected my appointment and patiently explained to me some technical details of DPMCMC.

(Audrey, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience)



Discussion was very useful and talking to you helped my understanding of my problem. Your suggestions were very useful and it has given me more confidence in my work. Excellent service that should be commended - it's very generous of you all to donate your time to the rest of the university.

(Marc, Department of Engineering)



I have quite a collection of methodological and technical problems that could perhaps be advanced with the help of bright and creative statisticians. I will no doubt be back. It is extremely nice of you to provide your time - thank you statisticians!

(Heather, Department of Economics)



Thank you, what a great free service for us "lost" biologists to be able to more accurately understand our data and hopefully avoid wrong interpretations...

(Patricia, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience)