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What is a randomization test?
Y Zhang, Q Zhao
Change-point Detection and Segmentation of Discrete Data using Bayesian Context Trees
V Lungu, I Papageorgiou, I Kontoyiannis
Delving Into Deep Walkers: A Convergence Analysis of Random-Walk-Based Vertex Embeddings
D Kloepfer, AI Aviles-Rivero, D Heydecker
Non-coupling from the past
GR Grimmett, M Holmes
Anderson localization in a two-particle continuous model with an alloy-type external potential
ABD Monvel, V Chulaevsky, P Stollmann, Y Suhov
Directed percolation and random walk
G Grimmett, P Hiemer
Discussion of Adaptive confidence intervals for the test error in classification by Laber and Murphy
RJ Samworth
– Journal of the American Statistical Association
Optimal subgroup selection
HWJ Reeve, TI Cannings, RJ Samworth
Counting self-avoiding walks
GR Grimmett, Z Li
On Malliavin measures, SLE and CFT
M Kontsevich, Y Suhov
Percolation since Saint-Flour
GR Grimmett, H Kesten
Harry Kesten (1931-2019), a personal and scientific tribute
GR Grimmett, GF Lawler
The Potts and random-cluster models
GR Grimmett
The lost boarding pass, and other practical problems
GR Grimmett, DR Stirzaker
– The Mathematical Gazette
Wegner-type bounds for a two-particle Anderson model in a continuous space
ABD Monvel, V Chulaevsky, Y Suhov
Percolation for two-dimensional excursion clouds and the discrete Gaussian free field
A Drewitz, O Elias, A Prévost, J Tykesson, F Viklund
Random labelled trees and their branching networks
GR Grimmett
– Australian Mathematical Society. Journal. Series A
The von Neumann entropy and information rate for ideal quantum Gibbs ensembles
O Johnson, Y Suhov
– 24
Flows and ferromagnets
G Grimmett
Information in probability: Another information-theoretic proof of a finite de Finetti theorem
L Gavalakis, I Kontoyiannis

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