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Tuning-free Plug-and-Play Proximal Algorithm for Inverse Imaging Problems
K Wei, A Aviles-Rivero, J Liang, Y Fu, C-B Schönlieb, H Huang
Continuity of the Ising phase transition on nonamenable groups
T Hutchcroft
An Interval Estimation Approach to Sample Selection Bias
M Tudball, Q Zhao, R Hughes, K Tilling, J Bowden
Conformal covariance of the Liouville quantum gravity metric
E Gwynne, J Miller
– L'Institut Henri Poincare, Annales B: Probabilites et Statistiques
Diffusions, Markov Processes, and Martingales, VOlume 2
LCG Rogers
The $L^2$ boundedness condition in nonamenable percolation
T Hutchcroft
– Electronic Journal of Probability

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