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Lossy Compression in Near-Linear Time via Efficient Random Codebooks and Databases
C Gioran, I Kontoyiannis
Structure Learning for Directed Trees
ME Jakobsen, RD Shah, P B├╝hlmann, J Peters
Liouville quantum gravity as a mating of trees
B Duplantier, J Miller, S Sheffield
– Asterisque
Convergence of the free Boltzmann quadrangulation with simple boundary to the Brownian disk
E Gwynne, JP Miller
– Annales de l'institut Henri Poincare (B) Probability and Statistics
An axiomatic characterization of the Brownian map
J Miller, S Sheffield
– Journal de l'Ecole Polytechnique - Mathematiques
Wegner-type bounds for a two-particle Anderson model in a continuous space
ABD Monvel, V Chulaevsky, Y Suhov

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