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Efficiency of change point tests in high dimensional settings
JAD Aston, C Kirch
Double-estimation-friendly inference for high-dimensional misspecified models
RD Shah, P B├╝hlmann
Wegner-type bounds for a two-particle Anderson model in a continuous space
ABD Monvel, V Chulaevsky, Y Suhov
On Malliavin measures, SLE and CFT
M Kontsevich, Y Suhov
Probability-free pricing of adjusted American lookbacks
AP Dawid, SD Rooij, P Grunwald, WM Koolen, G Shafer, A Shen, N Vereshchagin, V Vovk
On testing mean proportionality of multivariate normal variables
E Katiyar, Q Zhao
Modelling High-Dimensional Categorical Data Using Nonconvex Fusion Penalties
BG Stokell, RD Shah, RJ Tibshirani
The von Neumann entropy and information rate for ideal quantum Gibbs ensembles
O Johnson, Y Suhov
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