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Traffic Video Object Detection using Motion Prior
L Liu, Y Cheng, D Chen, J He, P Liò, C-B Schönlieb, AI Aviles-Rivero
Communication-Constrained Hypothesis Testing: Optimality, Robustness, and Reverse Data Processing Inequalities
A Pensia, V Jog, PL Loh
– IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Avoiding methane emission rate underestimates when using the divergence method
C Roberts, R IJzermans, D Randell, M Jones, P Jonathan, K Mandel, B Hirst, O Shorttle
– Environmental Research Letters
Log‐Sobolev inequality for the φ24$\varphi ^4_2$ and φ34$\varphi ^4_3$ measures
R Bauerschmidt, B Dagallier
– Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
Log-Sobolev inequality for near critical Ising models.
R Bauerschmidt, B Dagallier
– CoRR
BIRD-SNACK: Bayesian inference of dust law RV distributions using SN Ia apparent colours at peak
SM Ward, S Dhawan, KS Mandel, M Grayling, S Thorp
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Relative Intrinsic Scatter in Hierarchical Type Ia Supernova Sibling Analyses: Application to SNe 2021hpr, 1997bq, and 2008fv in NGC 3147
SM Ward, S Thorp, KS Mandel, S Dhawan, DO Jones, K Taggart, RJ Foley, G Narayan, KC Chambers, DA Coulter, KW Davis, T de Boer, K de Soto, N Earl, A Gagliano, H Gao, J Hjorth, ME Huber, L Izzo, D Langeroodi, EA Magnier, P McGill, A Rest, C Rojas-Bravo, R Wojtak
– The Astrophysical Journal
Kawasaki dynamics beyond the uniqueness threshold
R Bauerschmidt, T Bodineau, B Dagallier
A support theorem for parabolic stochastic PDEs with nondegenerate Hölder diffusion coefficients
Y Han
– Stochastics and Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations
A randomized trial of a mobile health intervention to augment cardiac rehabilitation
JR Golbus, K Gupta, R Stevens, VSE Jeganathan, E Luff, J Shi, W Dempsey, T Boyden, B Mukherjee, S Kohnstamm, V Taralunga, V Kheterpal, S Murphy, P Klasnja, S Kheterpal, BK Nallamothu
– NPJ Digit Med
Confounder selection via iterative graph expansion
FR Guo, Q Zhao
Context-Tree Weighting and Bayesian Context Trees: Asymptotic and Non-Asymptotic Justifications
I Kontoyiannis
– IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Average partial effect estimation using double machine learning
H Klyne, RD Shah
The Bayesian Context Trees State Space Model for time series modelling and forecasting
I Papageorgiou, I Kontoyiannis
SN 2023ixf in Messier 101: A Variable Red Supergiant as the Progenitor Candidate to a Type II Supernova
CD Kilpatrick, RJ Foley, WV Jacobson-Galán, AL Piro, SJ Smartt, MR Drout, A Gagliano, C Gall, J Hjorth, DO Jones, KS Mandel, R Margutti, E Ramirez-Ruiz, CL Ransome, VA Villar, DA Coulter, H Gao, DJ Matthews, K Taggart, Y Zenati
– The Astrophysical Journal Letters
Results of the Photometric LSST Astronomical Time-series Classification Challenge (PLAsTiCC)
R Hložek, AI Malz, KA Ponder, M Dai, G Narayan, EEO Ishida, TA AllamJr, A Bahmanyar, X Bi, R Biswas, K Boone, S Chen, N Du, A Erdem, L Galbany, A Garreta, SW Jha, DO Jones, R Kessler, M Lin, J Liu, M Lochner, AA Mahabal, KS Mandel, P Margolis, JR Martínez-Galarza, JD McEwen, D Muthukrishna, Y Nakatsuka, T Noumi, T Oya, HV Peiris, CM Peters, JF Puget, CN Setzer, Siddhartha, S Stefanov, T Xie, L Yan, KH Yeh, W Zuo
– The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
Sandwich Boosting for Accurate Estimation in Partially Linear Models for Grouped Data
EH Young, RD Shah
On posterior consistency of data assimilation with Gaussian process priors: the 2D Navier-Stokes equations
R Nickl, ES Titi
Stochastic dynamics and the Polchinski equation: an introduction
R Bauerschmidt, T Bodineau, B Dagallier
Incorporating Auxiliary Variables to Improve the Efficiency of Time-Varying Treatment Effect Estimation
J Shi, Z Wu, W Dempsey

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