Optimization IB 1998 This material is provided for students, supervisors (and others) to freely use in connection with this course. Copyright remains with the author.

Optimization IB

picture of feasible set for P Constraints for problem P

This is home page for a course of 12 lectures to first and second year Cambridge mathematics students in spring 1998.

Lectures are M,W,F at 11am in the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre.

Each lecture is as self-contained as possible and has course notes amounting to four or five A4 pages. Click here for the table of contents.

I have also made additional notes about things I said in lectures and questions students have asked.

There is a single examples sheet and a file of exam questions. Students should receive two supervisions on the examples sheet. There are two recommended books. If you enjoy this course then you should consider related courses in Part II and other items of interest.


To provide this information via this WWW page is an experiment. I welcome your feedback as to whether it a useful addition to the lecture course.

Click here to send me email with comments or corrections on my lectures, the notes or the examples sheet.

Course notes

How to view and print: There are 56 pages of notes available as a postscript file. When you click on a file name below, the file will appear on your screen to be viewed with ghostview. You can mark and print the specific pages you need, rather than waste paper by printing all the pages. Ideally, you will want to print to a 600 dpi laser printer, but 300 dpi will do.

The notes are formatted as two side-by-side pages per A4 sheet. So to view the notes properly you may need to go to the ghostview menus and set the display for A4 paper in landscape mode. Each lecture begins on a new page.

There are individual files for each lecture. This may be more convenient for you if you do not have the ability to run ghostscript from your computer, but are able to print a postscript file.

Each of these files is about 300Kb in size.

Some people like to print copies of the notes in non-reduced form, i.e., one page per A4 page. You can download these here.

Some people want the notes as a .dvi file. These are here in full page form. However they do not include diagrams, since these are added only when the .dvi file is converted to postscript.