Rectivate 10

Reactivate 10

Snappy cracklepop techno dj mix by blu peter

I bought Reactivate 10 (Blu Peter mix version) on 23 May. It's 78:29 long and I listened to it three times the first evening (twice through speakers, once through headphones). In the last six days I must have heard it about 15 times. The mix starts with a slow new age-like introduction. After 2:45 minutes it lifts off into an unstoppable, soaring, fast techno journey. The bpms just get more and more furious. These are great tunes - many of which I have heard elsewhere and have wanted to own. The following are some of my favourites. But all are good and they definitely work their way into your mind.

    3.  Dream Plant, The Mighty Machine
   10.  Flagship, Blu Peter
   13.  Komakino, Can't Stop
   17.  DJ Misjah & DJ Tim, Access
   18.  Jones & Stephenson, The First Rebirth
I also recommend Reactivate 9.

Lots of stuff on the React label is good. There is also now a nice React web site.

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