Statistical Modeling: Returning to its roots

Over this Easter weekend, I wrote the following commentary for the reprinting on Leo Breiman’s paper “Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures” by Observational Studies. This is partly based on a talk I gave last year.

A fun model to explain the surging popularity of Mendelian randomization

Ever wondered why Mendelian randomization is getting so popular?

Seeking a summer research intern (EXPIRED)

Seeking one student for a summer internship project on Mendelian randomization.

Is this estimand really an average treatment effect?

This post is about an interesting causal (?) estimand that appears in studies of racially biased policing using adminstrative records.

Migrating my website to Hugo + Academic + ox-hugo

Being stuck at home during the pandemic, as miserable as it is, actually helps me to redesign my working environment. One of the many outcomes is this new personal website powered by the Academic theme for Hugo.

Resources for Mendelian randomization

Software and tutorials for Mendelian randomization.

Home News If you have applied statistics questions, you might be interested in the Statistics Clinic that offers free consulting to University members. I am a regular consultant in the Clinic.