Measurement-based connection admission control

R. J. Gibbens
F. P. Kelly

February 1997


To appear in 15th International Teletraffic Congress, June 1997


The performance of measurement-based admission control depends upon statistical interactions between several time-scales, ranging from the very short time scales associated with cell or packet queueing, through burst time-scales, to the time-scales associated with admission decisions and the holding times of connections. In this paper we continue the development of a modelling approach which attempts to integrate these several time-scales, and illustrate its application to the analysis of a family of simple and robust measurement-based admission controls. A subsidiary aim of the paper is to shed light on the relationship between the admission control proposed for ATM networks by Gibbens et al and that proposed for controlled-load Internet services by Floyd. We shall see that their common origin in Chernoff bounds allows the definition of a simple and general family of admission controls, capable of tailoring for several implementation scenarios.

For other work on this topic see Sally Floyd's references .
For a network context, see
Distributed admission control.
F.P. Kelly, P.B. Key and S. Zachary
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 18 (2000) 2617-2628.


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