Charging and Accounting Schemes in Multiservice ATM Networks

CA$hMAN was a collaborative project within the European ACTS (Advanced Communication Technologies and Services) programme. The project ran for three years from September 1995 and aimed to develop and evaluate potential charging schemes. It was a multidisciplinary project integrating mathematical models for usage-sensitive charging schemes with implementation of an experimental platform using specially developed measurement hardware and management software. CA$hMAN used mathematical models aimed at finding simple functional approximations for resource usage, and studied charging schemes derived from these models. Participants in the project included network operators and equipment manufacturers, and user trials were conducted in three European countries.
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For further information on the CA$hMAN project see:
Papers related to the CA$hMAN project include:
Some simple java applets were used to make more explicit a theoretical framework for the usage-based pricing of broadband traffic, and to encourage debate.
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