Tariffing in the new IP/ATM environment

Dawson Walker (Cable and Wireless)
Frank Kelly (University of Cambridge)
Jonathan Solomon (Cable and Wireless)
Telecommunications Policy, volume 21 (1997) pages 283-295.


Public telecommunication operators chose ATM as their solution for BISDN in 1989--the same year that the Internet took off. Progress has been hesitant and slow; while questions of network architecture and standards have remained unresolved, the fundamental issue holding back the roll out of ATM and BISDN is the reluctance of the PTOs to alter their outmoded tariff structures. A new pricing model is therefore necessary for managing the transition to the future ATM/IP broadband environment.

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Dawson Walker is Head of Competitive Strategy, Cable and Wireless plc. Frank Kelly is Professor of the Mathematics of Systems, University of Cambridge. Jonathan Solomon is Executive Director, Strategy and Corporate Business Development, Cable and Wireless plc.

See also an article 'All Bits are Not Equal' - A Proposal for ATM Tariffs by Adrian Rawlings, or the associated review.
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