Reversibility and Stochastic Networks

F. P. Kelly

This is an experiment to compare different formats for the distribution of the text of this book, on the WWW. The text is taken from the 1979 Edition of the Book, with permission of the copyright holder.

Whole Book

The whole text of the book can be downloaded for convenient off line reference. The navigation is slightly different in the two versions. The PDF file provides a series of bookmarks, to each major and minor section; to see these it is often necessary to select the show navigation pane in your viewer. The DjVu uses hyperlinks in the scanned contents pages; these become visible if you place your pointer over a major or minor heading, and upon selection take you to the approriate place in the text.

Chapter by Chapter Book

Free viewers for both of these formats may be found at the corresponding websites. The DjVu format has the advantage of providing very high compression without seriously degrading the image quality, and the output files are most suitable for printing. It is an AT&T spinoff product, and viewers exist for most platforms, including an open-source Unix implementation. Visually the quality looks identical to the much larger Acrobat files, so I would encourage downloading the DjVu plug in and using the much smaller DjVu files.
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