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I am the Professor of Astrostatistics and Data Science at the University of Cambridge. I hold this interdisciplinary faculty position jointly at the Statistical Laboratory of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, and at the Institute of Astronomy. From 2023, I am Chair of the Astrostatistics Interest Group of the American Statistical Association. My research interests lie at the intersections of astrophysics, cosmology, statistics, and machine learning, and include:

  • Astrostatistics, astronomical machine learning, astroinformatics
  • Statistical applications in time-domain astronomy and cosmology
  • Bayesian modelling and inference
  • Statistical computation


Avoiding methane emission rate underestimates when using the divergence method
C Roberts, R IJzermans, D Randell, M Jones, P Jonathan, K Mandel, B Hirst, O Shorttle
– Environmental Research Letters
Bird-Snack: Bayesian inference of dust law RV distributions using SN Ia apparent colours at peak
SM Ward, S Dhawan, KS Mandel, M Grayling, S Thorp
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Relative Intrinsic Scatter in Hierarchical Type Ia Supernova Sibling Analyses: Application to SNe 2021hpr, 1997bq, and 2008fv in NGC 3147
SM Ward, S Thorp, KS Mandel, S Dhawan, DO Jones, K Taggart, RJ Foley, G Narayan, KC Chambers, DA Coulter, KW Davis, T de Boer, K de Soto, N Earl, A Gagliano, H Gao, J Hjorth, ME Huber, L Izzo, D Langeroodi, EA Magnier, P McGill, A Rest, C Rojas-Bravo, R Wojtak
– The Astrophysical Journal
SN 2023ixf in Messier 101: A Variable Red Supergiant as the Progenitor Candidate to a Type II Supernova
CD Kilpatrick, RJ Foley, WV Jacobson-Galán, AL Piro, SJ Smartt, MR Drout, A Gagliano, C Gall, J Hjorth, DO Jones, KS Mandel, R Margutti, E Ramirez-Ruiz, CL Ransome, VA Villar, DA Coulter, H Gao, DJ Matthews, K Taggart, Y Zenati
– Astrophysical Journal Letters
Results of the Photometric LSST Astronomical Time-series Classification Challenge (PLAsTiCC)
R Hložek, AI Malz, KA Ponder, M Dai, G Narayan, EEO Ishida, TA AllamJr, A Bahmanyar, X Bi, R Biswas, K Boone, S Chen, N Du, A Erdem, L Galbany, A Garreta, SW Jha, DO Jones, R Kessler, M Lin, J Liu, M Lochner, AA Mahabal, KS Mandel, P Margolis, JR Martínez-Galarza, JD McEwen, D Muthukrishna, Y Nakatsuka, T Noumi, T Oya, HV Peiris, CM Peters, JF Puget, CN Setzer, Siddhartha, S Stefanov, T Xie, L Yan, KH Yeh, W Zuo
– Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series
A BayeSN distance ladder: H0from a consistent modelling of Type Ia supernovae from the optical to the near-infrared
S Dhawan, S Thorp, KS Mandel, SM Ward, G Narayan, SW Jha, T Chant
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Evidence for a Massive Andromeda Galaxy Using Satellite Galaxy Proper Motions
E Patel, KS Mandel
– Astrophysical Journal
The Magnificent Five Images of Supernova Refsdal: Time Delay and Magnification Measurements
P Kelly, S Rodney, T Treu, S Birrer, V Bonvin, L Dessart, R Foley, A Filippenko, D Gilman, S Jha, J Hjorth, K Mandel, M Millon, J Pierel, S Thorp, A Zitrin, T Broadhurst, W Chen, J Diego, A Dressler, O Graur, M Jauzac, M Malkan, C McCully, M Oguri, M Postman, K Schmidt, K Sharon, B Tucker, A van der Linden, J Wambganss
– The Astrophysical Journal: an international review of astronomy and astronomical physics
Constraints on the Hubble constant from supernova Refsdal’s reappearance
PL Kelly, S Rodney, T Treu, M Oguri, W Chen, A Zitrin, S Birrer, V Bonvin, L Dessart, JM Diego, AV Filippenko, RJ Foley, D Gilman, J Hjorth, M Jauzac, K Mandel, M Millon, J Pierel, K Sharon, S Thorp, L Williams, T Broadhurst, A Dressler, O Graur, S Jha, C McCully, M Postman, KB Schmidt, BE Tucker, A von der Linden
– Science (New York, N.Y.)
The Young Supernova Experiment Data Release 1 (YSE DR1): Light Curves and Photometric Classification of 1975 Supernovae
PD Aleo, K Malanchev, S Sharief, DO Jones, G Narayan, RJ Foley, VA Villar, CR Angus, VF Baldassare, MJ Bustamante-Rosell, D Chatterjee, C Cold, DA Coulter, KW Davis, S Dhawan, MR Drout, A Engel, KD French, A Gagliano, C Gall, J Hjorth, ME Huber, WV Jacobson-Galán, CD Kilpatrick, D Langeroodi, P Macias, KS Mandel, R Margutti, F Matasić, P McGill, JDR Pierel, E Ramirez-Ruiz, CL Ransome, C Rojas-Bravo, MR Siebert, KW Smith, KM De Soto, MC Stroh, S Tinyanont, K Taggart, SM Ward, R Wojtak, K Auchettl, PK Blanchard, TJL De Boer, BM Boyd, CM Carroll, KC Chambers, L Demarchi, G Dimitriadis, SA Dodd, N Earl, D Farias, H Gao, S Gomez, M Grayling, C Grillo, EE Hayes, T Hung, L Izzo, N Khetan, AN Kolborg, JAP Law-Smith, N Lebaron, CC Lin, Y Luo, EA Magnier, D Matthews, B Mockler, AJG O'Grady, YC Pan, CA Politsch, SI Raimundo, A Rest, R Ridden-Harper, A Sarangi, SL Schrøder, SJ Smartt, G Terreran, S Thorp, J Vazquez, RJ Wainscoat, Q Wang, AR Wasserman, SK Yadavalli, R Yarza, Y Zenati
– The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
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