Perla Sousi

Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road

Room: D0.04
Office phone: +44 1223 337952

I am a Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge and a Research Associate of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at the University of Cambridge. I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. James Norris.

I spent Lent term 2012 (January to May) at MSRI in Berkeley.

Research interests: Random walks, Brownian motion, mixing times of Markov chains, Poisson Brownian motions, rearrangement inequalities.

Teaching 2011, 2013, 2015


Research articles

  • Intersection and mixing times for reversible chains (2014) (with Yuval Peres, Thomas Sauerwald and Alexandre Stauffer).

  • Martingale defocusing and transience of a self-interacting random walk (2014) (with Yuval Peres and Bruno Schapira). Ann. Inst. Henri Poincare, accepted.

  • Dimension of Fractional Brownian motion with variable drift (2013) (with Yuval Peres). Prob. Theory and Related Fields, accepted.

  • Uniformity of the late points of random walk on Z_n^d for d>=3 (2013) (with Jason Miller).

  • Total variation cutoff in a tree (2013) (with Yuval Peres). Annales de la Faculte des Sciences de Toulouse

  • A permuted random walk exits faster (2013) (with Richard Pymar). ALEA Lat. Am. J. Probab. Math. Stat. 11 (2014), no. 1, 185-195.

  • Mixing times and moving targets (with Peter Winkler). Combin. Probab. Comput., 23 (2014), no. 3, 460-476

  • Minkowski dimension of Brownian motion with drift (with Philippe Charmoy and Yuval Peres). J. Fractal Geom. 1 (2014), no. 2, 153–176.

  • Hunter, Cauchy Rabbit, and Optimal Kakeya Sets (with Yakov Babichenko, Yuval Peres, Ron Peretz and Peter Winkler). Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 366 (2014), no. 10

  • On recurrence and transience of self-interacting random walks (with Yuval Peres and Serguei Popov). Bull. Braz. Math. Soci. (N.S.) 44 (2013), no. 4, 841-867.

  • Symmetric Rearrangements Around Infinity with Applications to Lévy Processes (with Alexander Drewitz and Rongfeng Sun). Probab. Theory and Related Fields, 158 (2014), no. 3-4, 637–664.

  • The Isolation Time of Poisson Brownian motions (with Yuval Peres and Alexandre Stauffer). ALEA Lat. Am. J. Probab. Math. Stat. 10 (2013), no. 2, 813-829.

  • Mixing times are hitting times of large sets (2011) (with Yuval Peres). Journal of Theoretical Probability , accepted

  • An isoperimetric inequality for the Wiener sausage (with Yuval Peres). Geom. Funct. Anal. 22 (2012), no. 4, 1000-1014.

  • Collisions of Random Walks (with Martin Barlow and Yuval Peres). Annales de l' Institut Henri Poincare, 48 (2012), no. 4, 922--946.

  • Mobile Geometric Graphs: Detection, Coverage and Percolation (with Yuval Peres, Alistair Sinclair and Alexandre Stauffer). Probability Theory and Related Fields, 156 (2013), no. 1-2, 273--305.
    Extended abstract appeared in SODA 2011

  • Brownian motion with variable drift: 0-1 laws, hitting probabilities and Hausdorff dimension (with Yuval Peres). Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 153 (2012), no. 2, 215-234.

  • A stochastic epidemiological model and a deterministic limit for BitTorrent-like peer-to-peer file-sharing networks (2008) (with George Kesidis and Takis Konstantopoulos). Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2008

  • ODE approximations to some Markov chain models (2009). Smith-Knight essay


    Webpages of coauthors:

    Martin Barlow, Philippe Charmoy, Alexander Drewitz, George Kesidis, Takis Konstantopoulos, Jason Miller, Yuval Peres, Serguei Popov, Richard Pymar, Thomas Sauerwald, Bruno Schapira, Alistair Sinclair, Alexandre Stauffer, Rongfeng Sun, Peter Winkler