John Aston

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Shahin Tavakoli (University of Cambridge; 2014-present)

Davide Pigoli (University of Cambridge (previously Warwick); 2013-present)

Ah Yeon Park (University of Cambridge; 2014-2017)

Jean Marc Freyermuth (University of Cambridge; 2014-2016)

Adam Hall (University of Cambridge; 2014-2016)

Alberto Sorretino (University of Warwick; 2010-2012, joint with Adam Johansen and Wilfrid Kendall)

Postdoctoral Research Fellows in Centre for Maths in Imaging Healthcare

Milana Gataric

Yuan Huang

Angelica Aviles Rivero

Bogdan Roman

Yu Wang

Current PhD Students

Adam Goucher
Eardi Lila

Current Co-Supervised PhD Students in other departments

Brieuc Lehmann
Wiktor Olszowy
Mark Rowland
Rebecca Ward

Finished PhD Students

Adam Kashlak (Cambridge, 2014-2017)
Homesh Sayal (Cambridge, 2012-2016)
Adam Hall (Warwick, 2011 - 2015)
Nat Shiers (Warwick, 2011 - 2015)
Pantelis Hadjipantelis (Warwick, 2010-2013)
Yan Zhou (Warwick, 2010-2013)
Christopher Nam (Warwick, 2009-2013)
George Minas (Warwick, 2009-2013)
Jyh-Ying "Michael" Peng (Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University, 2005-2008)

Last updated December 2014.