Disorder in Physical Systems

A Volume in Honour of John M. Hammersley

Edited by Geoffrey Grimmett and Dominic Welsh

Originally published by Oxford University Press, 1990
All rights gracefully returned to the authors by OUP, 2001

John Hammersley

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i-x Contents, List of Contributors.

1-3 David Kendall: Speech proposing the toast to John Hammersley - 1 October 1987.

5-17 N. H. Bingham and U. Stadtmüller: Jakimovski methods and almost-sure convergence.

19-32 Peter Clifford: Markov random fields in statistics.

33-53 Cyril Domb: On Hammersley's method for one-dimensional covering problems.

55-66 P. Erdös and A. Sárközy: On a problem of Straus.

67-86 J.W. Essam and D. Tanlakishani: Directed compact percolation II: Nodal Points, mass distribution, and scaling.

87-111 Michael E. Fisher and Rajiv R.P. Singh: Critical points, large-dimensionality expansions, and the Ising spin glass.

113-127 R.J. Gibbens, P.J. Hunt, and F.P. Kelly: Bistability in communication networks.

129-165 I.J. Good: A quantal hypothesis for hadrons and the judging of physical numerology. (errata)

167-190 G.R. Grimmett and C.M. Newman: Percolation in $\infty+1$ dimensions.

191-201 D.C. Handscomb: Monte Carlo methods applied to quantum-mechanical order-disorder phenomena in crystals.

203-217 Wilfrid S. Kendall: The diffusion of Euclidean shape.

219-240 Harry Kesten: Asymptotics in high dimensions for percolation.

241-247 J.F.C. Kingman: Some random collections of finite subsets.

249-260 C.J.H. McDiarmid: Probabilistic analysis of tree search.

261-276 J.S. Rowlinson: Probability densities for some one-dimensional problems in statistical mechanics.

277-306 J. Michael Steele: Seedlings in the theory of shortest paths.

307-321 D.J.A. Welsh: The computational complexity of some classical problems from statistical physics.

323-335 S.G. Whittington and C.E. Soteros: Lattice animals: Rigorous results and wild guesses.

337-348 P. Whittle: Fields and flows on random graphs.

349-360 John C. Wierman: Bond percolation critical probability bounds for the Kagomé lattice by a substitution method.

361-372 David Williams: Brownian motion and the Riemann zeta-function.

373-378 Index.