Advice for PhD applicants

Please read this before emailing me about a Ph.D.

Part III

Most of my Ph.D. students have completed Part III of the Mathematical Tripos. This is in effect a high-level one-year taught Masters in Mathematics. Around half the students on the course are continuing Cambridge mathematics students, and around half arrive from all over the world. There are some past papers which give some idea of the scope and level of what is offered. So the entry level for PhD study here should be thought of as being somewhat above the level of a UK first degree.


We do not expect that you will necessarily have a firm commitment of support before you make an application for study at the University of Cambridge, but you should at least know how you intend to be supported. Most students will apply for an award of some sort to cover the costs. For applicants from the United Kingdom, or an EU state, there is the possibility of EPSRC funding. The University's Board of Graduate Studies gives information on costs and possible sources of funding, as well as on how to apply.

Frank Kelly
Statistical Laboratory
University of Cambridge