Dynamic Alternative Routing - modelling and behaviour

R.J. Gibbens
F. P. Kelly
P.B. Key

In "Teletraffic Science" (Editor M. Bonatti), ITC12. Elsevier, 1989. 1019-1025.


DAR, dynamic alternative routing, is a simple but effective form of dynamic routing which is decentralised and which uses only a small amount of local information. This paper examines the modelling and behaviourial aspects of such a scheme. In particular various bounds are presented which hold for any kind of dynamic routing scheme, and can be used to assess the performance of DAR. DAR can be investigated by a simple analytical model, of familiar fixed-point form, and simulation studies have verified its accuracy. A simple form of dimensioning is mentioned, and methods of setting trunk reservation parameters are discussed. These are necessary both to improve performance and prevent instability. Lastly, simple ways of extending DAR are examined.


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