Selective Randomization Inference for Adaptive Experiments

We apply ideas from post-selection inference to randomization tests for adaptive experiments.

Discussion on (quasi-)randomization inference

The following is an email exchange with Hyunseung Kang on the nature of randomization inference. This was sparked by a couple of papers by David Freedman and David Lane: A Nonstochastic Interpretation of Reported Significance Levels; Significance Testing in a Nonstochastic Setting.

The origin of randomization

This post is derived from my talk “Fisher, Statistics, and Randomization” in the Fisher in the 21st Century Conference organized by Fisher’s College, Gonville & Caius. In the first half of that talk, I tried to trace the origin of randomization.

Fisher, Statistics, and Randomization

One of Fisher’s most important scientific contributions is the paradigm of randomized experiments. I will try to trace the origin of this idea and highlight how it is rooted in Fisher’s cross-disciplinary interest in mathematics, biology, statistics, …

Randomization (project page)

Project page for randomization and randomization inference.

What is a randomization test?

The meaning of randomization tests has become obscure in statistics education and practice over the last century. This article makes a fresh attempt at rectifying this core concept of statistics. A new term---'quasi-randomization test'---is …

What is a randomization test?