Causal Inference (Part III, Michaelmas 2021)

This is a 16-lecture course on causal inference, the statistical science of drawing causal conclusions from experimental and non-experimental data.

Table of Contents

General information

  • Course syllabus.

  • Office hour: Wednesday at 2pm (if there is no example class) @ CMS, D1.01.

  • Please email me or leave a comment below if you find any mistakes or have any questions.


Example classes

  • Time: 13:45–15:15 on 3 November, 17 November, 1 December, 19 January.
  • Instructor: Tobias Freidling, who also provided the solutions below.
  • Location: MR3.


The following books/articles are optional. I am providing a short (personal) verdict to help you navigate the literature.

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