Bayesian Statistics

Letter to the editor: Generation interval for COVID-19 based on symptom onset data

The purpose of this letter is to raise a few issues with the methodology of a recent paper by Ganyani et al. [1], which aimed to estimate the parameters of the generation interval of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

BETS: The dangers of selection bias in early analyses of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

We developed a generative model for key epidemiological events in COVID-19 patients and derived explicit formulae to correct for selection bias. We find that several early analyses of the COVID-19 pandemic were severely biased due to sample …

Profile-likelihood Bayesian model averaging for two-sample summary data Mendelian randomization in the presence of horizontal pleiotropy

We propose a Bayesian model averaging method to account for the uncertainty about instrument validity in Mendelian randomization. This model is extended to allow for a large fraction of SNPs violating the InSIDE assumption.

Analysis of the epidemic growth of the early 2019-nCoV outbreak using internationally confirmed cases

We analyzed 46 2019-nCoV cases confirmed in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau who traveled from Wuhan before its lockdown. The known travel history allows us to narrow down when the cases were first infected. Our estimate of the …