Probability Surveys
an electronic journal

Probability Theory is increasingly viewed as a central component of all pure and applied sciences, and the associated literature is vast and complex. It has become harder for a graduate student to enter the field (although more and more do so), and for a probabilist to learn the essentials of a neighbouring topic. Well crafted and expertly written review articles are key to conveying a topic ‘in a nutshell’.

We invite survey articles on topics in probability.

The essential requirements are a well specified topic and target audience, and a clear exposition. Authors are invited to keep in mind our question to reviewers: "if you have graduate students working in an adjacent topic, would you advise them to read this survey?" The best subjects will generally be those to which many people have contributed.

Otherwise, we are flexible:

Probability Surveys is a peer-reviewed open-access electronic journal, jointly sponsored by the Bernoulli Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. It is available at, where guidance on the submission process may be found.

Please send us your work.

Geoffrey Grimmett
Managing Editor