Adaptive and Optimal Control

Jan 2013, EE5750, 3 credit course, Room ESB 207A
Timings G slot (Mon:12 [ESB 207A] and 4:45 [ESB 216], Thur:10 [ESB 207A] and 4:45 [ESB 216])
Mid Semester Exam: 20 marks, Final Exam (possibly take home): 20 marks, Research Projects: 60 marks
The course will have the following components
1) Concepts
2) Research projects

85% is required. If you are 4 or more minutes late, you will be marked absent.

Assignments, Mid Term Exam, Final Exam
See Assignments, Mid Term Exam, Final Exam

Some reference material
Feedback Systems: an introduction for scientists and engineers
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos: with applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering

LaTeX [document preparation system]
IEEE Conference Template [LaTex]
R Project for Statistical Computing
XPP [Simulator for dynamical systems / delay equations]

Research Projects
Guidelines for projects
Timelines for projects