Challenges of road pricing

Frank Kelly

The Connected Car,
Cambridge, September 2005.

Forecasts using the National Transport Model suggest that a well-targeted national road pricing scheme has the potential to achieve 10 billion worth of time savings a year (at 2010 traffic levels) in Great Britain alone (Feasibility Study of Road Pricing in the UK, Department of Transport, July 2004). There is significant experience, both internationally and in the UK, of road charging schemes. They fall into three main types: charges for crossing a cordon; for driving in an area (e.g. the London Congestion Charge) and charging for the use of a linear section of infrastructure such as a bridge or motorway (e.g. the M6 toll). They use technologies such as toll booths, self-declaration, microwave tags and automatic number plate recognition. These technologies are well proven, but limited in scale. What technology and systems can we expect to be developed for the future?

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