Networks: modelling and control

Networks: modelling and control, Royal Society, September 2007.

I'm collecting here the pointers I have to date for this meeting.

Transport networks and their use: how real can modelling get?
Richard Allsop

Data, modelling and inference for road traffic networks (Background technical report)
Richard Gibbens

Freeway congestion, ramp metering, and tolls
Pravin Varaiya

Human mobility models and opportunistic communication system design
Jon Crowcroft. Jon's talk and blog

Optimizing communication networks: a layered control architecture
Peter Key and Laurent Massouliť

Too expensive to meter: The influence of transaction costs in transportation and communication
Andrew Odlyzko

Flow-level performance and user mobility in wireless data networks
Sem Borst

Optimal resource allocation for multicast flows in multihop wireless networks
R. Srikant

Interview with FK and Andrew Odlyzko