Gray Stones In Slash'EM

Slash'EM has six types of gray stones: loadstones, flint stones, luckstones, healthstones, touchstones and whetstones. Loadstones, flint stones, luckstones and touchstones also exist in vanilla Nethack (see Dylan O'Donnell's spoiler on gems and luck for more information on luckstones). Healthstones and whetstones are new to Slash'EM.

As you might expect from the name, healthstones affect the rate at which you heal. Blessed or uncursed healthstones increase it, cursed healthstones decrease it, and unfortunately healthstones are always generated cursed. Unlike luckstones, healthstones are cumulative - two blessed healthstones are better than one. To be precise, you have a health bonus which is 2 for each blessed healthstone in you main inventory, plus 1 for each uncursed healthstone, minus 2 for each cursed healthstone. This bonus is added to your level and constitution when calculating how fast you heal.

A whetstone can be used to sharpen a metallic edged weapon i.e. to remove rust or enchant it up to +0 if it is negatively enchanted. However, this requires a source of water (a pool, fountain, sink or toilet), takes a long time, and only works 1/3 of the time even with a blessed whetstone.

How can we tell gray stones apart, other than identifying them? There are several ways.