Slash'EM Spells

Introduction and Spell Schools

Both Slash'EM and vanilla Nethack have different schools of magic, and your character's ability to cast spells is affected by their skill in the relevant spell school as well as by their general magical ability. However, the spell schools are different in Nethack and Slash'EM. The spell schools in vanilla Nethack are attack, healing, divination, enchantment, matter, clerical and escape. The clerical and escape schools do not exist in Slash'EM; they are replaced by the protection and body schools. Another minor difference relating to spellcasting ability is that reading scrolls in Slash'EM exercises the relevant spellcasting skill.

Spell timeout also works slightly differently in Slash'EM. When you cast a spell successfully, its timeout increases by 500 moves, subject to an absolute maximum timeout of 70 000 moves. Reading a spellbook will increase the spell's timeout by 10 000 moves, provided that it was 60 000 moves or less to begin with (otherwise, there is no effect). The reinforce memory technique can also sometimes be used to increase spell timeout.

In vanilla Nethack, only shields and metallic armour interfere with spellcasting. In Slash'EM, any body armour other than robes hinders spellcasting, although metallic body armour is worse. (A robe of power is actively beneficial to spellcasting.)

Table of Spells

In the table below, spells have been highlighted in red if they do not exist in vanilla Nethack, and in blue if they do exist in vanilla but are a different school or level.

  Attack Healing Divination Enchantment Matter Protection Body
Level 1 force bolt healing light
detect monsters
sleep knock
flame sphere
freeze sphere
protection (clerical in NH)
resist poison
resist sleep
jumping (escape in NH)
Level 2 magic missile
create monster (clerical in NH)
cure blindness detect food confuse monster
slow monster
wizard lock endure cold
endure heat
Level 3 drain life (lev 2 in NH) cure sickness
extra healing
stone to flesh
detect unseen
cause fear
charm monster
    haste self (escape in NH)
Level 4 poison blast restore ability detect treasure   fireball (attack in NH)
acid stream
invisibility (escape in NH)
levitation (escape in NH)
Level 5 command undead
summon undead
  identify (lev 3 in NH)
magic mapping
  cone of cold (lev 4 attack in NH)
remove curse (lev 3 clerical in NH)  
Level 6   create familiar (clerical in NH)       turn undead (clerical in NH) teleport away (escape in NH)
polymorph (matter in NH)
Level 7 finger of death     enchant weapon
enchant armour