New Potions in Slash'EM

Effects of New Potions


A potion of amnesia always has the appearance ``sparkling potion''. Drinking it has similar effects to reading a scroll of amnesia - you forget all of the current map, you have a 1/3 chance of forgetting some discoveries and a separate 1/3 chance of forgetting some level maps, and unless the potion was blessed you can also forget spells. A blessed potion of amnesia will also cure lycanthropy and sickness and give you 51-100 nutrition points. Unfortunately, monsters can throw potions of amnesia, and being hit by one can also cause you to forget discoveries and maps.

Dipping items into a potion of amnesia has assorted mostly bad effects - magic tools and gray stones will become non-magical, weapons and armour will lose some enchantment and may be rusted or lose their rustproofing, and anything dipped into a potion of amnesia will become uncursed.

A potion of amnesia can be diluted to water with just one dip, but cannot be cancelled.

Blood and vampire blood

Potions of blood and vampire blood both have the appearance ``blood-red potion''. They are not randomly generated, but are frequently found on vampiric monsters. Vampire players can create potions of vampire blood with the draw blood technique. Unless you are playing a vampire, the best thing to do with potions of (vampire) blood is to convert them to water, which can be achieved by dipping a unicorn horn into them.

If you are (polymorphed into) a vampire, drinking a noncursed potion of vampire blood will give you the same amount of nutrition as a food ration (or half that if the potion is diluted), while ordinary noncursed blood will give you a small amount of nutrition. Cursed blood is congealed and has no nutritional value. A blessed potion of vampire blood will also increase your current and max hp by an equivalent amount to gaining an experience level.

If you are not a vampire, drinking vampire blood will polymorph you into one, with no timeout (you can return to your normal form by killing your vampiric form or polymorphing again and letting this new polymorph time out). Monks and Lawfuls will also anger their gods. Drinking ordinary blood will just make you vomit.


A cursed potion of clairvoyance has no effect. An uncursed one will map the area around you unless clairvoyance is blocked for you (by a cornuthaum), and a blessed one will give you clairvoyance for 100-149 turns.


A blessed potion of ESP gives you permanent intrinsic telepathy (``You feel fully mentally acute.'') An uncursed potion of ESP gives the message ``You feel more mentally acute'' and gives you telepathy for 100-149 (more) turns. A cursed potion of ESP will have no effect unless you have temporary or permanent intrinsic telepathy, in which case it will remove the intrinsic, with the message ``You feel less mentally acute''.


You will be invulnerable for 12-15 (more) turns if the potion was blessed, 8-11 (more) turns if it was uncursed, and 4-7 (more) turns if it was cursed.

N.B. Invulnerability does not mean that you are completely immune to all types of damage. It only protects you against hit point loss (including some types of fatal damage, such as being bisected by the Tsurugi), deadly poison, death rays / touch of death, and black dragon breath (although your armour will not be saved by your invulnerability). It does not help against sickness, stoning, sliming, lost stats, brainlessness, lycanthropy, being level-drained, divine wrath, eating a Rider's corpse, and probably a myriad of other dangers.

Upgrading Objects

In Slash'EM, dipping an object into a potion of gain level may ``upgrade'' it to another type of object, generally with the same charges or enchantment. Gnomes can achieve the same effect with their tinker technique (but must first wield the object). Upgrading objects does not violate polypileless conduct, but it does have some restrictions. Only non-magical types of item (weapons, armour, tools and food) may be upgraded, and artifacts are not upgradable either. The potion of gain level is not used up unless the dipped object is transmuted.

Here's a table of possible upgrades:

Original Object Upgraded Object
Orcish dagger Dagger
Great dagger
1/2 chance of elven dagger
1/2 chance of dark elven dagger
Elven dagger
Dark elven dagger
Great dagger
Knife Stiletto
Stiletto Knife
Axe Battle-axe
Battle-axe Axe
Pick-axe Dwarvish mattock
Dwarvish mattock Pick-axe
Orcish short sword Short sword
Elven short sword
Dark elven short sword
Short sword
Dwarvish short sword
Dwarvish short sword 1/2 chance of elven short sword
1/2 chance of dark elven short sword
Broadsword Elven broadsword
Elven broadsword Broadsword
Club Aklys
Aklys Club
War hammer Heavy hammer
Heavy hammer War hammer
Elven bow
Dark elven bow
Orcish bow
Bow 1/3 chance of elven bow
1/3 chance of dark elven bow
1/3 chance of yumi
Elven arrow
Dark elven arrow
Orcish arrow
Arrow 1/3 chance of elven arrow
1/3 chance of dark elven arrow
1/3 chance of ya
Elven mithril-coat Dark elven mithril-coat
Dark elven mithril-coat Elven mithril-coat
Orcish chain mail Chain mail
Chain mail Orcish chain mail
Studded leather armour
Leather jacket
Leather armour
Leather armour Studded leather armour
Robe 1/2 chance of robe of protection
1/2 chance of robe of power
Robe of protection
Robe of power
Cloak of protection
Cloak of invisibility
Cloak of magic resistance
Cloak of displacement
Dwarvish cloak
Orcish cloak
1/2 chance of oilskin cloak
1/2 chance of elven cloak
Oilskin cloak
Elven cloak
1/4 chance of cloak of protection
1/4 chance of cloak of invisibility
1/4 chance of cloak of magic resistance
1/4 chance of cloak of displacement
Fedora Elven leather helm
Elven leather helm Fedora
Dented pot Orcish helm
Orcish helm
Helm of brilliance
Helm of telepathy
Dwarvish iron helm
Dwarvish iron helm 1/2 chance of helm of brilliance
1/2 chance of helm of telepathy
Cornuthaum Dunce cap
Dunce cap Cornuthaum
Leather gloves 1/2 chance of gauntlets of swimming
1/2 chance of gauntlets of dexterity
Gauntlets of swimming
Gauntlets of dexterity
Leather gloves
Elven shield 1/2 chance of Uruk-hai shield
1/2 chance of orcish shield
Uruk-hai shield
Orcish shield
Elven shield
Dwarvish roundshield Large shield
Large shield Dwarvish roundshield
Low boots High boots
High boots Low boots
Large box
Ice box
Chest Ice box
Sack 4/5 chance of oilskin sack
1/5 chance of bag of holding
Oilskin sack Bag of holding
Bag of holding Oilskin sack
Towel Blindfold
Blindfold Towel
Credit card
Lock pick
Skeleton key
Skeleton key Lock pick
Tallow candle Wax candle
Wax candle Tallow candle
Oil lamp Brass lantern
Brass lantern Oil lamp
Tin whistle Magic whistle
Magic whistle Tin whistle
Wooden flute Magic flute (10-14 charges)
Magic flute Wooden flute
Tooled horn 1/3 chance of frost horn
1/3 chance of fire horn
1/3 chance of horn of plenty
Horn of plenty
Fire horn
Frost horn
Tooled horn
Wooden harp Magic harp (10-14 charges)
Magic harp Wooden harp
Leash Saddle
Saddle Leash
Tin opener Tinning kit (70-99 charges)
Tinning kit Tin opener
Crystal ball Magic marker
Magic marker Crystal ball (3-12 charges, unless marker had fewer)
Lembas wafer
1/2 chance of cram ration
1/2 chance of food ration
Food ration
Cram ration
Lembas wafer
Loadstone Flint stone
Flint stone 1/2 chance of luckstone
1/2 chance of healthstone

Miscellaneous Notes on Dipping Into Potions