Starting Inventory In Slash'EM 7E6F3


This spoiler listing the starting inventory of the different classes in Slash'EM was written by Eva Myers. If you have any comments, additions or corrections, please feel free to email me. Dylan O'Donnell's spoiler on starting inventories in Nethack 3.4.3 was very useful in determining the extent to which starting inventories are different in Slash'EM and Nethack. Most classes have at least some changes, but Cavemen, Monks, Rangers and Samurai do not.

You might also be interested in J. Ali Harlow's spoiler on the abilities and intrinsics of the different classes and races.

Here are some general notes about items in your initial inventory. They will never be generated cursed, and may be blessed if they are a type of item which could be randomly generated as blessed. (E.g. weapons can start out blessed but pick-axes cannot.) Spellbooks will always start out blessed so that they can be read with no chance of failure. Two rings of the same type will not be generated, and nor will chargeable rings with zero or negative charges.

Certain specific items cannot appear in your initial inventory, generally because they are either useless or too powerful. The following items can never appear in initial inventory:

It is also impossible to begin the game with items providing both polymorph and polymorph control i.e. a ring of polymorph control and a wand, potion, ring or spellbook of polymorph.

Chaotic characters cannot start with holy wafers, which will be replaced by lembas wafers. Only chaotic characters can start with poisoned items. Flame Mages and Ice Mages cannot start with rings of fire resistance or cold resistance, or spellbooks of endure heat or endure cold. Monks cannot start with a scroll of enchant weapon. Hobbits cannot start with a ring of invisibility.

If your character is of a race other than human, there may be some additional changes to your starting inventory. Weapons and armour will be replaced by the equivalent weapons and armour of your race (e.g. a short sword will become a dwarvish short sword if you are a dwarf, an elven short sword if you are an elf, and so on). Orcs who get inferior equipment as a result of this get 2-4 random extra food items. Elves also get lembas wafers instead of cram rations and an elven cloak instead of a cloak of displacement (currently these changes only affect elven Rangers). Elven Priests and Wizards get a random non-magical musical instrument (wooden flute, tooled horn, wooden harp, bell, bugle or leather drum). Gnomes get a crossbow and crossbow bolts instead of a bow and arrows. Lycanthropes have food rations replaced by tripe rations, and silver daggers, spears and bullets replaced by the ordinary versions of these items.





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