New Food in Slash'EM

The new types of food in Slash'EM are asian pears, mushrooms, sandwiches, tortillas, cheeses, pills and holy wafers. Mushrooms, pills and holy wafers all have special effects when eaten.

These are the possible effects of eating a mushroom:

Eating a pill has seven equally probable effects:

  1. It's a wishing pill! You get to make a wish.
  2. It's poisonous, and unless you're poison resistant you lose 1-4 points of strength and 1-15 HP.
  3. You are stunned for 30 (more) turns.
  4. You will hallucinate for 150 (more) turns.
  5. It's vitamins, and you gain 600 points of nutrition.
  6. It's a sleeping pill, and unless you're sleep resistant you fall asleep for up to 49 turns.
  7. You become very fast (like a potion of speed or speed boots) for 200-209 turns.

Holy wafers will cure sickness and lycanthropy. (Note that if you are a member of the Lycanthrope race, attempting to cure your lycanthropy will not work. You will ``feel very bad!'', lose 3-5 points of both strength and constitution, and have your HP reduced to a random number between 1 and 5 if they were greater than 10 and otherwise to 1.) If you are Lawful, eating a holy wafer will also cause you to gain 20-39 HP. If you are Chaotic, you will lose 10-19 HP, but it will not be fatal.

Two other edible items you may encounter are the Eye of the Beholder and the Hand of Vecna. Eating them is really not a sensible thing to do, and if you do it anyway, you will lose 150-199 HP.