The Slash'EM Dungeons

This spoiler lists all the special levels and branches which can appear in the Slash'EM dungeons. Note that special levels can be accessed in three different ways. Some appear in place of normal dungeon levels, some are reached by extra stairs down or up, and some are reached via a magic portal. In the latter two cases, the ``Location'' column in the table refers to the levels where the stairs or portal can be found. ``Dn'' refers to level n in the Dungeons of Doom, and ``Gn'' refers to level n in Gehennom - G1 is the Valley of the Dead.

Level/branch name Location Method of access Probability of occurring Comments
Elemental Planes D1 Go up with the Amulet 100%  
The Gnomish Mines D2-4 Stairs down 100% Slash'EM has a new Mine King level, one level below the Mine End level which also exists in vanilla Nethack.
Mall D5-6 Normal dungeon 75%  
Oracle D7-9 Normal dungeon 100%  
Sokoban One level below Oracle Stairs up 100%  
Rats D10-11 Normal dungeon 50%  
Kobolds D11-12 Normal dungeon 50%  
Grund's Stronghold D12-13 Stairs down 100%  
The Quest D15-19 Portal 100% Until you complete the Quest, you will get a message every time you enter the level with the Quest portal.
Lawful Quest D15-19 Portal 100% Kill Nightmare to get Nighthorn and the Key of Law.
Neutral Quest D15-19 Portal 100% Kill the Beholder to get the Eye of the Beholder and the Key of Neutrality.
Chaotic Quest D15-19 Portal 100% Kill Vecna to get the Hand of Vecna and the Key of Chaos.
Storage room D19-26 Normal dungeon 66%  
The Wyrm Caves D20-21 Stairs down 100%  
The Big Room D20-26 Normal dungeon 15%  
The Lost Tomb D21-24 Stairs down 100%  
One-Eyed Sam's Market D22-23 Portal 100% Messages like ``Food rations? Only 900 zorkmids.'' indicate that the portal to the Black Market is on your level.
Nymphs D23-24 Normal dungeon 45%  
The Spider Caves D26-29 Stairs down 100%  
The Guild of Disgruntled Adventurers D26-31 Normal dungeon 50%  
The Sunless Sea D28-31 Stairs down 100%  
The Temple of Moloch D32-35 Stairs down 100%  
The Giant Caverns D32-35 Stairs down 100%  
Medusa 1-4 levels above Castle Normal dungeon 100%  
Castle D42-47 Normal dungeon 100%  
Valley of the Dead G1 - one level below Castle Normal dungeon 100%  
Juiblex G2-6 Normal dungeon 100%  
Yeenoghu G2-6 Normal dungeon 100%  
Orcus G2-6 Normal dungeon 100%  
Demogorgon G2-6 Normal dungeon 100%  
Vlad's Tower G3-12 Stairs up 100%  
Frankenstein's Lab G3-12 Stairs up 100%  
The Wizard's Lair G7 Normal dungeon 100% The Wizard's Tower consists of three levels. This is the location of the top level, where he is.
Baalzebub G10-15 Normal dungeon 100%  
Geryon G10-15 Normal dungeon 100%  
Dispater G10-15 Normal dungeon 100%  
Asmodeus G10-15 Normal dungeon 100%  
Two fake Wizard's lairs G10-15 Normal dungeon 100% One fake lair has a portal to the inside of the real Wizard's Tower.
Vibrating Square G16 Normal dungeon 100%  
Moloch's Sanctum G17 Perform invocation 100%