Solutions To Common Computer Problems

Hello! This web page aims to help Statslab users find out how to solve their computer problems without having to wade through screenfuls of mostly irrelevant information. If you see your problem in the table below, click on the appropriate picture to see a solution.

Windows Difficulties logging in to the Statslab Windows machines.
Printers The most common difficulties with printers, many of which you can fix without my help.
PDF files PDF files are much more difficult to work with than Postscript files, but some journals insist on them for copyright reasons. Here's some information about viewing and creating PDF files.
Removable media How to use CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and external hard drives with our Linux machines.
WWW Some points to remember when writing your own web pages.

If your question isn't covered above, try my longer list of Frequently Asked Questions, or browse through the local computing information (local access only).