Strange Messages in the ADOM Executable


Many ADOM players like scanning the executable file for interesting stuff. This page is a repository for obscure messages from the executable and how to get them. Please note that for a message to appear on this page, it must fulfill the following criteria: If you find a message in the executable that you think should be added to this page, please email me the message and the explanation of how to get it.

List of messages

Message Explanation
A legion of translucent adventurers, all disfigured by horrible wounds and maimed in multiple places, appears before you. They silently stare at you. Suddenly a ghostly dwarf with a particularly mangled body, dressed in the remains of chain mail and wielding a bloody axe, steps forward and addresses you. Adventurer, ye hast not seen 'nough incarnations to be deemed worthy to enter this sacred place. Return when ye hast seen more death and suffering and art prepared for what awaits ye. With this the ghost legion grimly prevents your passage! Trying to enter the bug temple with too few entries in the high score table.
A tiny red herring appears for a few seconds... Wishing for underwater creatures while on dry land.
A voice in your head rasps hateful words...
*We shall avenge our lord!*
Wishing for the minotaur emperor after he's dead.
A voice in your mind thunders:
"Stop that at once!!!"
Some mystical force prevents you from kicking the %s.
Kicking items inside a shop.
Both the potion and the scroll are consumed by a huge explosion!
was ripped apart when confronting Order and Chaos
Dipping a scroll of chaos resistance into a potion of raw chaos.
crush the contents of that grave! Throwing a huge rock into a dug up grave.
feel sober again! Drunkenness (from lots of potions of booze) wearing off.
For some seconds a ghostly figure seems to appear but then it dissipates once more. Wishing for underwater creatures when surrounded by water.
Haggling?!? Nah, my waresss are sssoo great that there'sss no need to discuss quality. Ssssince I have hundredssss of cussstomerssss and my pricesss are most wonderful we shouldn't ssstrain our relation by some miserly haggling, ssssee? Haggling with ratling traders.
hear a voice in your mind...
Boys, get %s!
Wishing for a shopkeeper.
%s is very displeased with you.
He allows you to continue your quest by leaving the amulet, you are wearing, intact.
In the last moments of your life you hear %s chuckling...
In your last seconds you hear %s howling in triumph.
are surrounded by darkness.
Suddenly you hear a booming voice.
"*Mortal, dost ye want to cheat ME?*"
"*I will not allow this sacrilege!*"
The amulet you are wearing suddenly turns to dust.
Sacrificing yourself, perhaps while wearing an AoLS.
%s seems to shake for a moment as a vital organ ruptures, then falls to the ground. Monk's instant kill ability kicking in.
Some strange force seems to block your dark powers. Trying to use necromancy on D:48.
suddenly feel %sfeverish! Worm-ridden armour making you sick.
suddenly feel the urge to steal!
suddenly feel a lust for gold!
suddenly feel the urge to get very rich really soon!
If you are wearing an amulet of greed, you will periodically get these messages on a level with a royal treasure vault. It seems that you receive the second message with an uncursed amulet and the third message with a blessed amulet. The first message may be associated with a cursed amulet or with playing a Thief
%s suddenly seems to be very content.
"Thanks, oh noble one!"
%s catches the %s and puts it on.
%s accepts the %s and puts it on.
%s suddenly looks very happy.
%s %s: "Me beloved!"
%s ignores the %s.
%s simply drops the %s.
after nimbly catching it
Giving a berserker a wedding ring.
The altar is smashed by %s!
You hear %s scream "HOW *DARE* THIS MOLOCH BREAK *MY* ALTAR?"
A black bolt hurls down from the sky!
The bolt hits you!
You hear a voice in your head say "SORRY, MISSED".
When a moloch steps on an altar, it will destroy the altar. The altar's god will then send a bolt at the moloch. If you're doomed, the bolt may hit you.
"To worship me, use the %s as often as possible, servant."
"You will need this to save your world, mortal. Keep it."
"Take this accursed thing away from my holy place!"
Three messages from attempting to sacrifice the Chaos Orbs. The first is for chaotics, the second for neutrals and the third for lawfuls.
You give this obstinate obstacle a grim glance Bumping into a closed door.
*You'll have to come to visit me in my eternal abode!*
Maybe my slaves can get you moving!
Wishing for the emperor moloch.


Many thanks to Charles Bertrand, Roger Barnett, Jan Erik, Archangel, BM, Dougy, Adam Smith, and possibly other members of the ADOM forums for explaining what some of the mysterious messages in the executable mean.