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This material has been made available for the course Optimization for Part IB of the Mathematical Tripos for the Easter Term 2005. Each document is available in Postscript, PDF and DVI format. Improvements, corrections etc. will be made from time to time; you may check the date the current version was posted at the bottom of the final page in each case.


You may download the course notes from here

Chapter 1       POSTSCRIPT   PDF   DVI
Chapter 2       POSTSCRIPT   PDF   DVI
Chapter 3       POSTSCRIPT   PDF   DVI
Chapter 4       POSTSCRIPT   PDF   DVI
Chapter 5       POSTSCRIPT   PDF   DVI

Example Sheets

There is one example sheet for the course which should normally be done over two supervisions; an additional sheet is available for further practice and revision.

Main example sheet:           POSTSCRIPT   PDF   DVI
Additional example sheet:   POSTSCRIPT   PDF   DVI


You may obtain a small program, Simple2x, which is designed to assist those learning the simplex algorithm -- further details.

Additional Material

Those who would like a second opinion may consult Professor Weber's homepage for the course where links to other useful material may be found.