Dimers Day in Cambridge

(4th Peter Whittle colloquium)

Date: Monday 23 May 2016.

Invited speakers:

Cédric Boutillier (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)
Sunil Chhita (Bonn)
Julien Dubédat (Columbia University, New York)
Benoît Laslier (Cambridge)
Fabio Toninelli (Université Lyon 1)

Lectures on Dimer observables and Cauchy-Riemann operators
A series of six lectures by Julien Dubédat will take place between 16-20 May. See details on the programme page.

Practical details:
Please register using the appropriate page in the menu.
We anticipate talks will start around 10.45am, and end around 5.30pm.
A drinks reception will follow.
Exact schedule to be confirmed.

Financial support may be available, contact Nathanael Berestycki.


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