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  1. Galton-Watson trees with vanishing martingale limit (with Peter Mörters, Nina Gantert and Nadia Sidorova). (pdf).
  2. Critical branching Brownian motion with absorption: particle configurations (with Julien Berestycki and Jason Schweinsberg). (pdf)
  3. Diffusion in planar Liouville quantum gravity. (pdf)
  4. Condensation of a two-dimensional random walk and the Wulff crystal (with Ariel Yadin). (pdf).
  5. The shape of multidimensional Brunet-Derrida particle systems (with Lee Zhuo Zhao). (pdf).
  6. Coalescing Brownian flows: a new approach (with Christophe Garban and Arnab Sen). (pdf).
  7. KPZ formula derived from Liouville Heat Kernel (with Christophe Garban, Rémi Rhodes and Vincent Vargas). (pdf).


  1. A phase transition in the random transposition random walk (with Rick Durrett). (pdf)
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  3. Gibbs distribution for random partitions derived from a fragmentation process (with Jim Pitman). (pdf)
    J. Stat. Phys., (2), 381-418 (2007).

  4. Beta-coalescents and continuous stable random trees (with Julien Berestycki and Jason Schweinsberg). (pdf)
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  5. Limiting behavior of the distance of a random walk (with Rick Durrett). (pdf)
    Electr. J. Probab. (2008), 13, 374--395.

  6. Small time behavior of Beta-coalescents (with Julien Berestycki and Jason Schweinsberg). (pdf)
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  7. Kingman's coalescent and Brownian motion (with Julien Berestycki). (pdf)
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  8. Survival, extinction and ergodicity in a spatially continuous population model (with Alison Etheridge and Martin Hutzenthaler). (pdf)
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  9. Recent progress in Coalescent theory. (pdf)
    Ensaios Matematicos, Vol. 16, 1-193 (2009).

  10. The Λ-coalescent speed of coming down from infinity (with Julien Berestycki and Vlada Limic). (pdf)
    Ann. Probab., 38, 207-233 (2010).

  11. Random paths with bounded local time (with Itai Benjamini). (pdf)
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  12. An integral test for the transience of Brownian paths with limited local time (with Itai Benjamini). (pdf)
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  13. Mixing times for random k-cycles and coalescence-fragmentation chains (with Oded Schramm and Ofer Zeitouni). (pdf)
    Ann. Probab., 39(5), 1815-1843 (2011). Special volume in memory of Oded Schramm.

  14. Emergence of giant cycles and slowdown transition in random transpositions and k-cycles. (pdf)
    Electr. J. Probab., 16, 152-173 (2011).

  15. Survival of near-critical branching Brownian motion (with Julien Berestycki and Jason Schweinsberg). (pdf).
    J. Stat. Phys., 143( 5), 833-854, (2011).

  16. Global divergence of spatial coalescents (with Omer Angel and Vlada Limic). (pdf)
    Probab. Theory Rel. Fields, 152, 625-679 (2012).

  17. Effect of scale on long-range random graphs and chromosomal inversions (with Richard Pymar). (pdf).
    Ann. Appl. Prob., 22, 1328-1361 (2012).

  18. The genealogy of branching Brownian motion with absoroption (with Julien Berestycki and Jason Schweinsberg). (pdf)
    Ann. Probab., 41(2), 527-618 (2013).

  19. Large-scale behaviour of the spatial Λ-Fleming-Viot process (with Alison Etheridge and Amandine Veber). (pdf).
    Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré (B), 49(2), 374-401 (2013).

  20. A small-time coupling between Λ-coalescents and branching processes (with Julien Berestycki and Vlada Limic). (pdf).
    Ann. Appl Probab, to appear.

  21. Asymptotic sampling formulae for Λ-coalescents (with Julien Berestycki and Vlada Limic). (pdf).
    Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré, to appear.

  22. Cycle structure of the interchange process and representation theory (with Gady Kozma). (pdf).
    Bull. Soc. Math. France, to appear.
  23. Critical branching Brownian motion with absorption: survival probability (with Julien Berestycki and Jason Schweinsberg). (pdf)
    Probab. Theor. Related Fields, to appear.

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Omer Angel, Itai Benjamini, Julien Berestycki, Rick Durrett, Alison Etheridge, Nina Gantert, Christophe Garban, Martin Hutzenthaler, Gady Kozma, Vlada Limic, Peter Mörters, Jim Pitman, Richard Pymar, Oded Schramm, Jason Schweinsberg, Arnab Sen, Nadia Sidorova, Amandine Veber, Ariel Yadin, Ofer Zeitouni, Lee Zhuo Zhao.

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