Antoine Dahlqvist

Welcome to my homepage! I am Post-Doc in the Statslab at the University of Cambridge.

Pics 203

Statistical Laboratory,

Centre for Mathematical Sciences,

Wilberforce Road,

Cambridge, CB3 0WA

Tel:  +44 1223 339792
E-mail: ad814[at]
Office: D 0.20

Research interest:

Random matrices,  two dimensional Yang-Mills measure, free probability, statistical mechanics, combinatorics, representation theory

Publications and preprints:

PhD Thesis:

Supervised by Thierry Lévy in LPMA, Paris 6, defended in February 2014,

  Schur-Weyl Duality, Brownian motion on classical compact Lie groups and asymptotic study of Yang-Mills measure  (partly in french)

News: Together with G. Cébron, F. Gabriel and C. Male, we organize the conference  Distribution symmetries and independances, taking place at Bordeaux U. on November 16 & 17.

Collaborators:  David Brydges, Guillaume Cébron, Benoît Collins, Joscha Diehl, Bruce Driver, Franck Gabriel, Todd Kemp, Camille Male, James Norris, Gordon Slade