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The Peter Whittle Fund

Peter Whittle

The Peter Whittle Fund is established in the University of Cambridge through a generous donation from one of Peter's former students, together with matching corporate funding.

Its principal activity is to fund Mathematical Colloquia in honour of Peter Whittle, Emeritus Churchill Professor of Mathematics for Operational Research in the Statistical Laboratory


The Peter Whittle Colloquia

3 October 2014: (MR12) Centre for Mathematical Sciences. Poster available here

Topic: Random Geometry

  • 4.00pm Yuval Peres (Microsoft Research Redmond) Rigidity and tolerance for perturbed lattices
  • 4.45pm Balint Toth (TU Budapest/University Bristol) Superdiffusive CLT for periodic Lorentz gas in the Boltzmann-Grad limit
  • 5.30pm Wendelin Werner (ETH Zurich) An approach to renormalization group via random graphs

26 April 2011: Mathematics and Biology, Cambridge

7 January 2012: Stochastic Modelling in Physics, Geophysics and Communications, Nelson, New Zealand