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28th Research Students' Conference
(4th-7th April, 2005)

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Abstract Submission

Abstracts for both oral and poster presentations should be prepared using the LaTeX template available by clicking here. Please open and edit this file using text-only editors, such as Notepad or Emacs, not Microsoft Word. At the head of the file there are some instructions for filling out the template, please read these carefully. The toy example given in the template can be viewed in the following links in ps or in pdf format.

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Ideally abstracts will contain no more than 300 words.

Abstracts should be submitted attached to an e-mail to rsc2005@statslab.cam.ac.uk, with the subject 'RSC Abstract'. Please rename your abstract files according to the convention SurnameInitial.tex (e.g. Joe Bloggs would submit the file BloggsJ.tex).


The deadline for submission of abstracts is
Monday 7th March 2005

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