Statistical Laboratory 

Professor Yuri Suhov

Yuri Suhov









Email address: yms[at]
Room: D0.24
Telephone: 01223 (3)37964

Research interests: Dynamical systems, statistical mechanics (classical and quantum), queueing networks, random processes and fields.

Dynamical systems is a flourishing field where all sorts of tools and methods of modern mathematics are used. My main interests in this area focus on ergodicity and mixing properties of various systems such as billiards and continued fraction transformations. In statistical mechanics I am interested in various problems related to phase transitions (e.g. in the Ising, Potts or Heisenberg models and their modifications) and non-equilibrium phenomena (e.g. irreversibility).

In queueing network theory my main activity concentrates around large networks, with many nodes, links and servers: I work on asymptotical theories which provide a good approximation to various aspects of real network performance. The theory of random processes and fields is a natural extension of my research in the above areas: I am interested in limit theorems, large deviations and other asymptotical properties.

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