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Dr Eva Myers

Dr Eva Myers








Email address: eva[at]
Room: D1.09
Telephone: 01223 (3)37961

Eva is the Computer Officer for the Statistical Laboratory.

Computing Information For New Users

If you are a new user, you should have received a paper copy of this Introduction to the Maths Computer System. You may also be interested in the Maths web pages about printing. If you have a computer question, see whether it is answered by the Maths computing pages. If not, please email help@maths (append

When using a shared computer network, it is necessary to be responsible in order to avoid inconveniencing other users. See the local pages on responsible use of computers. There are a couple of specific points which I discuss in separate web pages:

  • Sometimes computer programs crash and start eating almost all of a computer's processing power. This can't be helped, but it's a good idea to clean them up to leave the computer usable for other people. This web page explains how to kill runaway processes.
  • Shutting unused computers down to save energy is encouraged, but always use the "safeshutdown" command to be sure that they are unused. More info about energy saving.

The University Computing Service offers training courses on a wide range of computing topics including Unix and LaTeX. You might also want to look at this quick reference list of useful Unix commands.

LaTeX/TeX users may find these links useful:

Some users choose to use their own laptop as well as the Statslab machines. I have a web page with details about connecting your own computer to our network.

If you want to connect to Statslab systems from your home machine, please see my page on remote access for some tips, but note that it is difficult for me to give much personal help with this.

Computing Information For Experienced Users

When inviting a visitor, please give the admin staff at least a week's notice, so that the visitor's office accommodation and computer accounts can be arranged.

Here is some information on how to share files with your colleagues over the Internet.

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