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Members of the Statistical Laboratory


Prof. J.R.Norris [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Stochastic analysis, coagulation, Malliavin calculus, heat kernels, homogenization

Academic Staff (University Professors, Readers and Lecturers)

Prof. J. Aston [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Statistics: in particular Functional / Object Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Neuroimaging, Statistical Linguistics, Seasonal Adjustment and other Applied Statistics

Dr N. Berestycki [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Probability theory: coalescence and fragmentation, random walks, Brownian motion, stochastic models in population genetics, in statistical physics, and in combinatorics

Dr P. Bourgade [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]

Dr F. Fischer [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Game theory, social choice theory, and mechanism design, including their computational aspects and application
to computational systems

Prof. G. R. Grimmett [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Probability theory, combinatorial theory, stochastic models in statistical physics, probabilistic number theory

Prof. F. P. Kelly FRS [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Random processes, networks and optimization, especially applications to the design and control of networks and the understanding of congestion phenomena

Dr R. Nickl [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Mathematical Statistics: in particular nonparametric statistical inference and empirical process theory

Dr S. M. Pitts [Home Page]
Nonparametric estimation and approximations in stochastic models; Queueing theory; Insurance mathematics

Prof. L.C.G. Rogers [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Financial mathematics, probability theory, stochastic analysis, statistics, mathematical economics

R. Shah [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
High-dimensional statistics and large-scale data analysis

Prof. R.J. Samworth [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Statistics: especially nonparametric and high-dimensional problems such as shape constrained density estimation, nonparametric classification, clustering and regression problems, the bootstrap and variable selection

Prof. D. Spiegelhalter, FRS [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Public understanding of uncertainty and risk, Bayesian methods, biostatistics, performance assessment

Dr M.R. Tehranchi [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Analysis

Prof. R.R. Weber [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Mathematics for operational research and systems; models in telecommunications and operations management; control of queues, stochastic networks, on-line bin-packing, ergodicity of Markov processes, optimal search, stochastic scheduling, dynamic resource allocation, financial mathematics.

Affiliated Lecturers

Prof. S.Bird (based at MRC Biostatistics Unit) [Home Page]

Dr N.Datta [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Quantum Information Theory: additivity, data compression and transmission for sources and channels with memory, entanglement manipulation and the quantum information spectrum

Prof. V. Farewell (based at MRC Biostatistics Unit) [Home Page]

Dr B. Tom (based at MRC Biostatistics Unit) [MRC Home Page] [Lab Home Page]

Dr S. Singh (Dept. Engineering) [Home Page]

Dr P. Treasure [Home Page]

Dr M. Vojnovic (Microsoft Research) [Home Page]
Algorithms, applied probability, computer science, game theory, networks and optimization

Emeritus Academic Staff

Dr P. M. E. Altham [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Analysis of discrete data, multivariate analysis, generalized linear modelling, R, graphical methods, statistical consulting

Prof. A. P. Dawid [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Foundations of probability and statistics; evidential reasoning; causal inference; graphical models; forecasting systems; DNA profiling

Prof. M.A.H. Dempster [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Mathematical and computational finance and economics, optimization and nonlinear analysis, stochastic systems, algorithm analysis and applications software

Dr D.P. Kennedy [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Limit theorems in applied probability, sequential decision processes, optimal stopping, financial modelling

Prof. Y. M. Suhov [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Statistical mechanics, communication theory, queueing systems, networks including neural networks.

Prof. P. Whittle [Home Page]
Sequential optimisation problems, stochastic processes, neural networks

Research Staff (Research Associates, Research Fellows, and other attached academic staff)

Dr A. Bull [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Nonparametric statistics; active sensing; optimisation and bandit problems; applications in finance

Dr A. Carpentier [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Composite non-parametric testing problems, adaptive inference in non-parametric/high dimensional models, Bandit Theory, Brain Computer Interface.

Dr R Carvalho [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Optimization and Control of Complex Networks. Energy Networks.

Yining Chen [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Shape-constrained estimation, time series analysis and statistical computing

Dr L. Dumaz [Home Page]

Dr A. Kim [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Minimax lower bounds, shape constraints estimation, and extreme value theory

Dr D. Kiss [Home Page]
Probabilistic models in statistical physics such as percolation, random cluster model, interacting particle systems, randomized algorithms

Dr Z. Li [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Probability, Lattice Models in Statistical Physics

Dr D Li [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Random matrix theory, high-dimensional hypothesis test and shape constrained estimation

Dr W. Matthews [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Quantum and classical information theory

Dr J. Söhl[Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Nonparametric statistics, Empirical processes, Statistical inverse problems, Applications in finance

Dr A Sola [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Complex analysis and probability theory, planar stochastic growth models

Dr P. Sousi [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Random walks, Brownian motion, mixing times of Markov chains, Poisson Brownian motions, rearrangement inequalities

Dr B. Sriperumbudur [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]

Dr J. Wadsworth [Home Page]
Extreme value theory; dependence modelling; applications in environmental problems

Dr Yi Yu [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
High dimensional variable selection and network studies

Research Students

Ezequiel Antar [Home Page]
Tim Cannings [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Si Cheng [Home Page]
Ben Derrett [Home Page]
SeokYoung Hong [Home Page]
Felix Leditzky [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
James Murphy [Home Page]
Preeyan Parmar [Home Page]
Lee Zhuo Zhao [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Homesh Sayal [Home Page]
Tengyao Wang [Home Page]

Research Students in Cambridge Centre for Analysis supervised by members
of the Statistical Laboratory

Alberto Coca Cabrero [Home Page]
Eoin Devane [Home Page]
Adam Jones [Home Page]
Bernd Kuehlenschmidt [Home Page]
Guolong Li [Home Page]
Kornel Maczynski [Home Page]
Sara Merino [Home Page]
Ed Mottram [Home Page]
Kolyan Ray [Home Page]
Bati Sengul [Home Page][Personal Home Page]

Research Students based at MRC-BSU

Yang Xia

Visiting Fellows

Dr Francesco Buscemi [Home Page]
Dr Peter Key [Home Page]
Dr Elena Medova [Home Page] [JBS Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Dr Gaurav Raina [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Prof. W. Werner, Université Paris-Sud [Home Page]


Dr R. Allez [Home Page]
Prof. L. Bernardinelli [Home Page]
Prof C. Berzuini [Home Page]
Dr. E. Parent [Home Page]
Prof. R. Steinberg [Home Page]

Visiting PhD Students

Mathias Trabs, Humboldt-Universität
Elena Fortina, Almo Collegio Borromeo Pavia
Jegar Pitchforth
Andre Beinrucker, University of Potsdam

Administrative Staff

Julia Blackwell [Home Page]
Secretary to Head of Department and Director of the Statistical Laboratory

Claire Chapman [Home Page]
Pavilion Secretary

Dr Eva Myers [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Computer Officer

John Shimmon [Home Page]
Assistant Secretary

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