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Members of the Statistical Laboratory


Prof. J.R.Norris [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Stochastic analysis, coagulation, Malliavin calculus, heat kernels, homogenization

Academic Staff (University Professors, Readers and Lecturers)

Prof. J. Aston [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Statistics: in particular Functional / Object Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Neuroimaging, Statistical Linguistics, Seasonal Adjustment and other Applied Statistics

Dr N. Berestycki [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Probability theory: coalescence and fragmentation, random walks, Brownian motion, stochastic models in population genetics, in statistical physics, and in combinatorics

Dr P. Bourgade [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]

Dr F. Fischer [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Game theory, social choice theory, and mechanism design, including their computational aspects and application
to computational systems

Prof. G. R. Grimmett [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Probability theory, combinatorial theory, stochastic models in statistical physics, probabilistic number theory

Prof. F. P. Kelly FRS [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Random processes, networks and optimization, especially applications to the design and control of networks and the understanding of congestion phenomena

Dr R. Nickl [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Mathematical Statistics: in particular nonparametric statistical inference and empirical process theory

Dr S. M. Pitts [Home Page]
Nonparametric estimation and approximations in stochastic models; Queueing theory; Insurance mathematics

Prof. L.C.G. Rogers [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Financial mathematics, probability theory, stochastic analysis, statistics, mathematical economics

Dr R. Shah [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
High-dimensional statistics and large-scale data analysis

Prof. R.J. Samworth [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Statistics: especially nonparametric and high-dimensional problems such as shape constrained density estimation, nonparametric classification, clustering and regression problems, the bootstrap and variable selection

Prof. D. Spiegelhalter, FRS [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Public understanding of uncertainty and risk, Bayesian methods, biostatistics, performance assessment

Dr M.R. Tehranchi [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Analysis

Prof. R.R. Weber [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Mathematics for operational research and systems; models in telecommunications and operations management; control of queues, stochastic networks, on-line bin-packing, ergodicity of Markov processes, optimal search, stochastic scheduling, dynamic resource allocation, financial mathematics.

Affiliated Lecturers

Prof. S.Bird (based at MRC Biostatistics Unit) [Home Page]

Dr N.Datta [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Quantum Information Theory: additivity, data compression and transmission for sources and channels with memory, entanglement manipulation and the quantum information spectrum

Prof. V. Farewell (based at MRC Biostatistics Unit) [Home Page]

Dr B. Tom (based at MRC Biostatistics Unit) [MRC Home Page] [Lab Home Page]

Dr S. Singh (Dept. Engineering) [Home Page]

Dr P. Treasure [Home Page]

Dr M. Vojnovic (Microsoft Research) [Home Page]
Algorithms, applied probability, computer science, game theory, networks and optimization

Emeritus Academic Staff

Dr P. M. E. Altham [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Analysis of discrete data, multivariate analysis, generalized linear modelling, R, graphical methods, statistical consulting

Prof. A. P. Dawid [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Foundations of probability and statistics; evidential reasoning; causal inference; graphical models; forecasting systems; DNA profiling

Prof. M.A.H. Dempster [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Mathematical and computational finance and economics, optimization and nonlinear analysis, stochastic systems, algorithm analysis and applications software

Dr D.P. Kennedy [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Limit theorems in applied probability, sequential decision processes, optimal stopping, financial modelling

Prof. Y. M. Suhov [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Statistical mechanics, communication theory, queueing systems, networks including neural networks.

Prof. P. Whittle [Home Page]
Sequential optimisation problems, stochastic processes, neural networks

Research Staff (Research Associates, Research Fellows, and other attached academic staff)

Dr A. Bull [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Nonparametric statistics; active sensing; optimisation and bandit problems; applications in finance

Dr A. Carpentier [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Composite non-parametric testing problems, adaptive inference in non-parametric/high dimensional models, Bandit Theory, Brain Computer Interface.

Dr R Carvalho [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Optimization and Control of Complex Networks. Energy Networks.

Dr Y. Chen [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Shape-constrained estimation, time series analysis and statistical computing

Dr L. Dumaz [Home Page]

Dr A. Kim [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Minimax lower bounds, shape-constrained estimation, and extreme value theory

Dr D. Kiss [Home Page]
Probabilistic models in statistical physics such as percolation, random cluster model, interacting particle systems, randomized algorithms

Dr Z. Li [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Probability, Lattice Models in Statistical Physics

Dr D Li [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Random matrix theory, high-dimensional hypothesis test and shape constrained estimation

Dr W. Matthews [Home Page][Personal Home Page]

Dr D. Pigoli [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Functional Data Analysis, Non Parametric methods, Spatial Statistics

Dr J. Söhl[Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Nonparametric statistics, Empirical processes, Statistical inverse problems, Applications in finance

Dr A Sola [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Complex analysis and probability theory, planar stochastic growth models

Dr P. Sousi [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Random walks, Brownian motion, mixing times of Markov chains, Poisson Brownian motions, rearrangement inequalities

Dr B. Sriperumbudur [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]

Dr J. Wadsworth [Home Page]
Extreme value theory; dependence modelling; applications in environmental problems

Dr Yi Yu [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
High dimensional variable selection and network studies

Research Students

Ezequiel Antar [Home Page]
Tim Cannings [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Si Cheng [Home Page]
Ben Derrett [Home Page]
SeokYoung Hong [Home Page]
Felix Leditzky [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
James Murphy [Home Page]
Preeyan Parmar [Home Page]
Lee Zhuo Zhao [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Homesh Sayal [Home Page]
Tengyao Wang [Home Page]

Research Students in Cambridge Centre for Analysis supervised by members
of the Statistical Laboratory

Alberto Coca Cabrero [Home Page]
Eoin Devane [Home Page]
Henry Jackson
Adam Jones [Home Page]
Natalia Kudryashova
Bernd Kuehlenschmidt [Home Page]
Guolong Li [Home Page]
Kornel Maczynski [Home Page]
Sara Merino [Home Page]
Ed Mottram [Home Page]
Kolyan Ray [Home Page]
Bati Sengul [Home Page][Personal Home Page]
Vittoria Silvestri

Research Students based at MRC-BSU

Maxine Bennett
Francesco Brizzi
Evelina Gabasova
Lisa Law
Finbarr Leacy
Emma McCallum
Olympia Papachrisofi
Kirsty Rhodes
David Robertson
Alexandra Turner
Petras Verbyla
Graham Wheeler
Sean Yiu

Visiting Fellows

Dr Francesco Buscemi [Home Page]
Dr Peter Key [Home Page]
Dr Elena Medova [Home Page] [JBS Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Dr Gaurav Raina [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Prof. W. Werner, Université Paris-Sud [Home Page


Dr R. Allez [Home Page]
Prof L. Bernardinelli [Home Page]
Prof C. Berzuini [Home Page]
Prof T. Keiichi [Home Page]
Dr E. Parent [Home Page]
Prof R. Steinberg [Home Page]

Visiting PhD Students

Elena Fortina, Almo Collegio Borromeo Pavia
Andre Beinrucker, University of Potsdam
Remy Slove, Ecole Polytechnique

Administrative Staff

Julia Blackwell [Home Page]
Secretary to Head of Department and Director of the Statistical Laboratory

Claire Chapman [Home Page]
Pavilion Secretary

Dr Eva Myers [Home Page] [Personal Home Page]
Computer Officer

John Shimmon [Home Page]
Assistant Secretary

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